How to Make Dosa Batter at Home

After watching the video on How to Make Dosa Batter at Home, little did I know it needs more than 12 hours to prepare the dosa batter while most of time is about waiting.

Dosa is a South Indian breakfast dish cooked by pan-frying thin layer of batter. Different types of mashed fillings are then added on top of the cooked batter.

This healthy food takes less than 30 minutes to finish, because dosa is a light meal for breakfast.

It is the batter making that takes the longest time.

The main ingredients for making dosa batter is rice, urad dal and water.

Grinding of the grain takes the shortest time in the process making.

Prior to grinding, we need to soak the rice. Followed by fermentation process for the ground rice.

Both essential steps take 2 seperate periods of long waiting time.

How long a time to wait?

6 to 7 good hours.


Here sharing a simple video for dosa batter recipe from Miss Vishnani.

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